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Vitafusion Throws A Beauty Bash At Gary's Loft To Introduce New Vities!

It's no secret that Vitafusion is a vitamin product that is beloved not only because of its effectiveness but because they tast great! I have a problem not eating about ten at one time. I adore their fruity taste, especially of the MultiVites. But now Vitafusion has extended to a beauty line and I was lucky enough to go to the launch at Gary's Loft in midtown that featured uber-logger and YoutTube star Elle Fowler who greeted press guests. Party guests were also treated to great manis from Spa Chicks On The Go and took home bags of all the Vitafusion vities including the new Gorgeous Hair, Skin & Nails. I love their raspberry taste and not only that, my nails have actually gotten stronger and hair thicker in the past three weeks I have been using them. They are available at mass merchandisers for $11 per 150 "vites"!

Pastel long sleeved easy fit tops with hoodies are only the beginning of the layer it on campaign for fall!

Aussie Hunks: Hotties From The Land Down Under Wind Up In Las Vegas!

I recently had the pleasure of having lunch at Burger & Lobster in the Flatiron District with the men of Aussie Hunks. You can catch their act at Planet Hollywood on the Strip in Las Vegas five nights a week. Their act is a lot different than their predecessors including the legendary Chippendales--that is because besides great looks (Adam pictured to the left here resembles a beefed up David Beckham), they have Australian charm and intelligence. (Yes,  you can meet them after their shows and find that out for yourself; they are very accessible and sweet!) They also have talents that go beyond looking good with their shirts off--each member of the troupe is a professional level dancer and a couple of them are world-class break dancers as well. There are a lot of athletics in the Aussie Hunks show that include head spinning and back flips.

The Aussie Hunks also allow GUYS into their shows which is unlike typical American male strip shows--the only restriction is that you have to be 18. Audience members buy Hunk Bucks ahead of time which allows them lap dances with one or more of the Aussies at a time. I was lucky enough to get a lap dance after my pleasant lunch with the fellas and it somehow felt much more civilized than the ones I have experienced at bachelorette parties in New York.

Adam tells me that they will be increasing to seven shows per week in the near future. I personally hope that they come to New York at least a couple of weeks per year because a classy exotic male revue is one of the few things that the Big Apple does not have. For more info, go to http://www.aussiehunks.com!

Tea With NBC's Bobbie Thomas: Everything I Wanted To Know About Infertility But Was Afraid To Ask!

Lovin' LaCoste For Spring/Summer 2017: They're Not Just About Polo Shirts!

While LaCoste's crocodile polos are longtime legends (and I am simply mad for the polos with the GIANT crocs on them because they always make me chuckle especially on a child), this company known for high quality and durable fashions has wonderful accessories. Their handbags are classic and fashion-forward and I love the way they have so many compartments. They are one of the few companies that really make useful and fashionable fanny pack/cross body styles, and their sneakers are behind adorable. The classic "deck" sneakers with the crocs are just so comfy and seem to fit even the widest feet.

Coming up for spring are many of the classic looks including polos in bright colors, not to mention brightly colored belts, wallets, hair accessories and bags. Many can be mixed and matched due to the use of certain patterns each season and appeal to a great variety of ages. This spring, there are cotton pique polos which add a little spice and texture to the classic polo look. There is unique print bedding and yes, you can get sheets with crocodiles on them if you wish!

For those looking to buy great Christmas items for the man, woman or kid in their lives, look no further than the super warm quilted bomber jackets currently online at lacoste.com and in their stores. There are also many crisp plaid and patterned button down shirts that your guy will never tire of wearing! I need to add that they have the most helpful customer service in the LaCoste stores and each item is neatly arranged by color. For more info, go to http://www.lacoste.com. In case you are curious, they even have baby items. How cute are the baby girl croc socks to the left? There are plenty of cute baby items to go with those as well! LaCoste is always your go-to clothing retailer for a reason--they give great quality for the price and you get great mileage from their styles!

Angie's List's Fun NYC Social Media Event 

I was thrilled to be invited to a stunning remodeled West Village townhouse at 723 Washington Street (see pic of the living room to the left) to meet Angie herself and learn that her legendary site just went free with optional silver ($24.95) and gold ($99.95) paid statuses that include special super service features like customer support for your home projects including an emergency hotline. Angie and company also launched a Groupon-like service where their listed vendors offer discounted prices on their services--such as $600 worth of handyman help for $400. I just visited angieslist.com for the first time today and marveled over the fact that they also feature reviews of medical services--not to mention beauty and cleaning services. They are growing by the minute and possibly the only place on the net to find guaranteed unbiased reviews!

Dion: Not The Type Of Guy Who Likes To Roam Around! A Great Night At The 92nd Street Y!

I was lucky enough to attend one of the best 92nd Street Y "Discussion Nights" ever featuring rock journalism legend Anthony DiCurtis speaking to Dion. Without Dion--the self-proclaimed "King Of The Bronx"--there would be no Lou Reed or Bruce Springsteen. Looming large in his legend is the night he flipped a coin with The Big Bopper and Buddy Holly back for a seat on small plane to the next gig--and he just couldn't take them up on the opportunity because he was constantly reminded at home that his parents' rent in the Bronx was $36! He told this legendary tale and more--including about his trip to Jerusalem with Richie Furay (thanks to my pal Pamela Des Barres, Dion's biggest fan, asking about it via audience question cards at the end). 

The 76-year-old musician came off as humble (he does call himself "the King Of The Bronx" with his tongue in his cheek), and discussed his 46 year anniversary of sobriety after becoming a heroin addict at age 14, his evolution as a musician, his 102-year-old mother and how his parents were "emotional adolescents," his dedication to his wife Sue who was a Bronx girl transplanted from Vermonth, early recording (and promotional film days), a unique look at life that includes a lot of good Italian food but not of materialism and more. It was a great night--my only regret is not sneaking a photo against the "no photo" rule at the 92nd St Y! In case you are curious, The Big D did sing and acompany himself on a black acoustic guitar to prove his points further while in discussion with the distinguished DiCurtis!

The Y depends on your support to keep great programs like this going, and the best opportunity to give is during their annual Spring Gala on May 16th. This year's showstopping performer is the legendary Darlene Love. To get an upclose and personal performance from her is alone worth the price of admission. For more info, go to www.92ndStY.org.

I Love Lilly--And Here's Why You Should, Too! (She's Got The Prints To Die For!)

The Love, Lilly line takes pride in fun prints, classic lines (like sleeveless A-line dresses) and being made right here in the USA (Connecticut to be exact)! I was lucky enough to attend her Garden Party press preview directly across the street from the Empire State Building last week and all I could say was that I fell in love with one print after another. Designer Lilly Spratt is inspired by Lilly Pulitzer, and while her prints are mainly summer-themed, there are plenty other styles prints. You'll fall in love with her weiner dog prints not to mention her great garden florals! Dresses are in the $150-$200 range and will last you a lifetime because they will never go out of style! Check out her shorts and jackets, too! For more info, go to http://www.lovelillywh.com.

A couple of the great brands I got turned onto at the Makeup Show blogger event and now cannot live without.

Posh Nation Unites In New York City--And Girls Who Love To Shop Go Wild!

Being a huge fan of Poshmark because it offers the lowest prices on clothing and accessories by my all-time favorite designer Emilio Pucci (and I don't mind Chanel or Marc Jacobs, either) made me want to run to the #POSHNATION party at Adoro Lei. At first I thought I would be attending a shopping party, but it actually was a "mix and mingle" of sellers from the tristate area. They had drinks, the fabulous Adoro Lei pizza, talked shop, exchanged buiness cards, posed for photos with props in front of a POSHNATION logo "step and repeat" and formed new friendships. Did I fail to mention the great raffle at the end (prizes included a $100 Poshmark credit and the giveaway of a designer bag).

In case you are not familiar with Poshmark, regular people like you and me can sell their unwanted items and listings are much easier to create than on EBAY. You just upload pics and do a short description and then potential buyers can leave comments on the actual listing or privately contact the buyer. They are allowed to make offers as opposed to paying a set listing price. Usually a 15 per cent discount is offered when you buy three items from one seller and postage is a set $5.95 for each listing. Sellers collect their money only after they confirmed that they got their item on the site and are happy with it. I can't think of a more fun place to shop online and I love that you can do a search of your favorite legendary European designer and hundreds of great listings will pop up!

Jeans and jeggings in Rocker Black? Oh yes!  They're a staple for AE's fall collection! Even older buns can fit into these!

Jane Iredale's Bold New 'N Natural Moves!

Jane Iredale Cosmetics recently invited beauty bloggers to check out her new fall line at a spectacular press breakfast on the roof of the Gramercy Park Hotel! She has some wonderful skin supplements--which are together called The Advanced Nutrition Programme--that were just put into the line on May 15th. As with everything else her line produces, Jane was very hands on when it came to developing the four formulas (Skin Vitamin A, Skin Accumax, Skin Antioxidant and Skin Omegas).

While members of the JI staff tested products on live models on a stage, journalists got to ask questions including ones that pertained to tweaking their own beauty regimens. These talented folks ever showed how to cover a tattoo using Jane's Disappear Full Coverage Concealer. Other demos were done with her Active Light Undereye and Zap 'N Hide concealer.

Not only was everyone treated to a makeup touchup with Jane Iredale makeup artists using a display of the entire line but they got a wonderful personal "Jane Iredale shopping trip" where they got to select some products from the Spring/Summer line.  The  Fall 2017 Jane Iredale color collection is called Naturally Glam and while I cannot give away its product names yet, there is a lip color that is a tribute to a very famous singer with Marilyn Monroe like lips! There is also a mascara that will make people think that you are wearing false lashes! For more info and to purchase Jane Iredale's cruelty-free products, go to www.janeiredale.com.


​Vodka With A Rock 'N Roll Twist!

I was lucky enough to get invited to Devotion Vodka's press event at the private room at the Sugar Factory on Washington Street to check out all the great flavors including Coconut, Blood Orange and Wild Cherry. This product is sugar free, gluten free, carb free and made from 100% USDA high grade corn right here in the good ol' USA. Besides the great taste, I love Devotion because they are a sponsor of The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism, currently at Industria Studios. Guests were treated to vodka drinks with names inspired by The Stones, then everyone headed off all today to take in Exhibitionism. It was a grand night and I was touched to learn that there is a heart on the bottle as a tribute to founder Mike Calleja's daughter during his elegant speech to the party guests.  For more info, go to http://www.devotionvodka.com.

Vera Bradley Handbags--The Right Choice!

Not only are Vera Bradley bags durable and lightweight, but they make a style for every taste. Whether you have a hipster mom or a traditional mom, they have something that will knock her socks off--and have all the space and pockets she could dream about, even on their smaller sized style. To the left is the shoulder bag style that I am currently using. I love polka dots and anything black--and this suits me to a T. On-the-go New Yorkers will love this because of all the zipper compartments (including two in the front) and the soft feel of the cotton fabric. The polka dots have a retro feel and are right "on trend." If your mom is like me and is putting stuff in her bag all day while she is walking around town, she will go crazy for this. I failed to mention that VB bags are always at a reasonable price point. To order, go to http://www.verabradley.com or http://www.ebags.com. For those who like to shop in person, Macy's always has a huge assortment of Vera's very best!

Cristina Sabatini Jewelry--Bold, Beautiful And Unforgettable!

I was lucky enough to attend a recent preview at jewelry designer Cristina Sabatini's showroom in midtown and was just in awe of everything I saw. She takes her inspiration for both costume and precious jewelry from all the great "statement" styles like Art Deco and Byzantine, adds in some classic shapes from nature like stars and moons, and  then mixes and matches. She has gem-encrusted wide lucite bangles and multi-color stingray cuffs in the new collection that are super bold and eye-catching. She has plenty of drop earrings with multi-color stones, men's watchbands in unusual colors and textures, big brooches fit for a duchess, and rings that include lots of triangle and square metal elevated shapes. Need I add that she is never afraid to use giant rocks? Cristina's fashion-forward big and bold bag collection stuns as well! Pictured to the left are some of her great authentic carnelian pieces. She's the go-to person for when you want to have items that can make even the drabbest outfit look chic. Be sure to check out Cristina's stunning and roomy exotic skin and leather bags as well! For more info, go to: http://www.cristinasabatini.com.

The W Style Lab: Style On The Go!

I love the fact that the new W Style Lab at the W Hotel on the NE corner of 27th and Broadway (7th Floor) has something for everyone from totally delightful emerging designers/brands! You can buy practical items like sunscreen and sunglasses, but you can also buy quirky metallic sneakers, cool charm bracelets celebrating famous icons of NYC and other cities, cute clothing that lets your skin breath, colorful candy in clear plastic cubes, travel gear, funky bric-a-brac, games and more. It is also very close to a bar, so you can party and shop! The recent opening event got me addicted to Jet Set Candy--you'll love the taste as well as the pretty aqua packaging! The Style Lab is quick becoming a Times Square "must visit" attraction!

French Soles: Flat Is Where It's At!

I always get excited when I walk past French Soles' three NYC stores on Lexington between 71st and 72nd--there are so many exciting and colorful styles to look out, and a day does not go by living on the Upper East Side when I do not see a stylish lady carrying a French Soles shopping bag.

My deep love of these brand comes from the fact that every style is designed by their in-house staff that marches to the beat of their own drummer. They start new style trends instead of following them. French Soles features the softest Italian leathers and some of the most unique toe and heel shapes in the business--all while staying true to their conviction that style should come first. French Soles shoes are all extremely well made, and you can get your favorite styles in a diversity of colors. You can get a little heel if you want it. The Royal (pictured on the top left of the group shoe shot) is my French Soles all-time favorite, with its square-oval toe and bone detailing on both the uppers and the heels! 

They are also one of the few shoe brands that have a multitude of flat formal shoes, which is something that is definitely hard to come by! When you visit their quaint stores, you get that rare old-school one on one service in an intimate brownstone environment. French Soles are truly a great bargain as you will get years of wear out of a pair (they generally range from $150-200 in price). If you have not yet, check out this great treasure of the Upper East Side at http://www.frenchsoleshoes.com. You can also find them in department stores like Macy's and Nordstrom's but I like the atmosphere of their own stores!

This bride-to-be apparently used her Hunk Bucks wisely and got a highly customized group dance from the guys!

It's Back And Better Than Ever--The New York Makeup Show, May 1-2, 2016 At Metropolitan Pavilion!

The New York Makeup Show is THE place to be each year if you are a beauty-ista. I have been lucky enough to go to the blogger preview right before the event opens a few years in a row. Hosted by the effervescent and very funny James Vincent (who has won awards for doing celebrity and video shoot makeup), bloggers are given the opportunity to check out 30 or 40 of the brands slated to be at the Makeup Show. Let me add here that many professional makeup artists attend the show not only for the great classes and to learn the latest makeup trends and colors, but to see pals from the business that they have not run into in ages. There are also incredible discounts--some 50 per cent off--on the latest makeup, tools and skincare some of which have never been seen in public before. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of the beauty biz, the Makeup Show is the place to do it.

The blogger preview is the first place I got turned onto brands like Obsessive Compulsive (which now flies off beauty department shelves, especially their long-lasting Lip Tar), Ardency in (whose Punker Eyeliner is perfect for those who do not have a steady hand and need a thicker applicator), Drake Makeup Wipes (which I find takes off all my makeup in under 30 seconds including waterproof mascara), Crown Brushes (which are truly the king of all brushes, especially their contouring brushes) and Inglot (who sells mix and match makeup "separates" that fit into custom cases). 

For more info and to purchase tickets for the Makeup Show, go to http://www.themakeupshow.com. Special discounts are offered on hotel rates and there are many fun events that are affiliated with the show that are great perks of buying tickets. You will walk away from the show not only with a huge bag of great new cosmetic items to try but some new friends as well! 

I especially urge all beautyistas and classic rock fans to go to this particular makeup show because there will be a special David Bowie tribute from his longtime photographer Mick Rock which will blow your mind. Few people may think of Bowie as a makeup pioneer, but few people before or since have created such dramatic stage looks--and while they were often imitated, no one pulled off these fierce "starman" looks like he did. Mick Rock will be giving a keynote address at the Makeup Show on May 1 and his Bowie photos will be on display for the entire Makeup Show; you can get the 411 here: http://www.themakeupshow.com/the-makeup-show-blog/shot-the-psycho-spiritual-mantra-of-rock/!

I was lucky enough to have tea at NYC's Mandarin Oriental last week with the ultra-stunning! NBC style star Bobbie Thomas. She is open, sweet and has become the media's most outspoken infertility icon.

I was recently lucky enough to attend a private luncheon at NYC's famous Gramercy Park Tavern in honor of the Montreal International Jazz Fest's co-founder Andre Menard (who was just 24 when the fest was started)--and to announce this year's lineup.

Now's the time to start planning your trip to the festival, taking place 6/28-7/8. It is the 38th year of this legendary music fest, which not only includes jazz legends like the Gipsy Kings and Jack DeJohnette, but rock, blues and pop legends as well. This year's biggest rock luminary is the one and only Bob Dylan and if you love blues guitar, there is no one more exciting to see than Chicago axeman Buddy Guy. Norah Jones will be making appearance and I would venture to say that she is the artist at the fest who can tie together pop, blues and jazz. There are also old-school big band sounds, the most famous artist in this genre at the fest is the Cab Calloway Orchestra.  You can also catch the Xavier Cougat Orchestra for a bit of old-school Cuban big band flavor.

For more info on artists that will be performing as well as other events in Montreal going on around the festival, go to http://www.montrealjazzfest.com. This year marks the 375th anniversary of Montreal itself. Be sure to check out the Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts, Notre Dame Basilica and Old Montreal while you are in town for the fest!

The Marilyn--an all-American red rose and greens mixture for only $80! 

I was lucky enough to attend Tom Jones' appearance on AOL Backstory on December 16th. It is a small intimate Q&A that takes place on the 4th floor of AOL's NYC headquarters on 770 Broadway in the East Village, and it is wonderful because each attendee got to get a signed new CD (Jones' latest is called Long Lost Suitcase), ask questions at the end of the program (which is broadcast live on the net) and best of all, get a meet and greet with The Man Himself. While it was supposed to be a quick meet and greet, Jones really enjoys meeting his fans and spent several minutes talking to each of them and mugging for photos. He was one of the most gracious performers I have ever met and you can bet that I was first in line for the photo.

You can watch the program anytime at

http://www.aol.com/build/519342413/--you will find the affable and talented Mr. Jones answering fascinating questions about his ABC TV show of the 60s and 70s (This Is Tom Jones), and his favorite duets on that show and since. He is full of Welsh wisdom and great stories about working with everyone from Elvis to the Stones. It's a must-see, and just for the record, no panties were thrown by the studio audience!

Whomever said that infertility and scones don't mix have not had tea over baby talk with the gorgeous Bobbie Thomas, the NBC Today Show personality/style maven who went on camera to discuss the problems she was having a baby at age 41 due to cysts and other problems. No one has ever discussed this on their regular TV gig before as far as I can remember, and happily the raven-haired beauty has hooked up to be the spokesperson for http://www.myfertilityfacts.com. She says it was not easy trying to hide the five or ten pounds packed on from taking hormones that seemed to only be in the "baby belly" area or the emotional rollercoaster she was on for over a year.

Thomas told yours truly and about a dozen other bloggers about the many myths behind infertility--and she is quick to point out that it takes two to tango and that it just might be a woman's significant other who is having the fertility problem, not HER! She also is a big fan of the infertility quiz on myfertilityfacts.com because while it is not a substitute for a consultation with a fertility doctor, it might just get you pointed in the right direction if you are having problems conceiving. Surprisingly, a lot of fertility treatments are covered by insurance. Most importantly, the site also points out many resources many wannabe moms and dads would never have thought of on their own. Yes, there is hope--and more options than ever!

Domenico Vacca's Bridal Fashion Week Show--Glamour To The Max!

I loved getting to attend the in-store fashion show featuring designs by Domenico Vacco in collaboration with Irina Shabayeva the Domenico Vacca flagship store. The glamour was 3-D in some cases--meaning that many of the gowns featured hoops and other devices that had the skirts full and suspended in air. The full gamut of bridal and evening style was in DV's show including pastel silk chiffon, feathers, beads and embroidery. He also featured a lot of red gowns and brocade tuxes for the guys! My head was spinning! This is not style for wallflowers but rather brides and formal party attendees that want to make heads turn. For more info, go to http://www.domenicovacca.com!

Planning Ahead: The International Montreal Jazz Festival Is Coming June 28th To July 8th, 2017! 

Flying Into Fall With American Eagle!

It's no secret that American Eagle is the "go to" store for fashion conscious folks of all ages who are looking for comfort, quality and overall good bang for the buck. Their fall collection is held down by a huge assortment of great jeans 'n jeggings--they come in high rise, low rise, in between rise and any other rise. Thankfully the collection has elastic for those who have been filling out in the rear and belly as time moves on. But what do I love most--their fab ROCKER BLACK jeggings. I almost think that this is some homage to Joey Ramone whose favorite black jeans were simple and straight (and which he bought at Trash & Vaudeville for something like 25 years)! After all, the 40th anniversary of The Ramones first album was just celebrated in a big way in mid-April

And even though it's a fall collection, there are plenty of AE's famous Hi-Rise shorties for those who live in warm climates and want to show off fabulous games! I counted an incredible 19 styles of these things in the fall lookbook--it is sad that Daisy Dukes is not a real person living in the year 2016 because she would be at an AE store everyday!

Beverly Hills: The Definition Of Luxury--A Gorgeous Book Worth Checking Out!

I recently went to a party at the Core Club in midtown to celebrate Beverly Hills' luxury campaign for Spring 2016 that includes a book with chapters on 12 stylemakers including Rachel Zoe, Kelly Wearstler, Curtis Stone and Gunnar Peterson. Allthe tastemakers have Bev Hills-based businesses or are residents. Inside the book--simply called Beverly Hills: The Definition Of Luxury--each celeb discusses their favorite things to see and do in Beverly Hills and many are pictured in front of their favorite town landmark. The bottom line is that BH is the epicenter of luxury in the US and this book goes beyond just the beautiful homes and palm trees. It discusses what makes some of the stellar residents tick--and why they are some of the biggest tastemakers in the world today. The book will--without trying--make you make mental notes of places you would like to visit in Beverly Hills in the future as well as give you some fashion and food ideas that are unusual, fun and luxurious.

You can order a copy at http://www.lovebeverlyhills.com/definitionofluxury. It is a small book that packs a lot of punch! The site also--conveniently enough--lets you book your next stay in Beverly Hills as well as ponder great local restaurants and things to do--including special events and shows on every theme imaginable!

Bowie performing in Earls Court, London, circa 1973/photo by Mick Rock.

One of the perennials in the French Sole collection is the Jigsaw slip on---the leather is "like buttah" on these!

American Eagle has plenty of flirtatious cotton underthings in the fall collection including their famous stretchy bras that can actually be used to sleep in! But the #1 lesson they want to teach fashionistas for fall is layer, layer and layer some more. This is the perfect concept for NYC's highly uneven fall weather (it's May as I write this and the temps go from the 40s through the 70s most days)!

Shakin' It With Shaklee Life Products! (Yes, There Are High Nutrition Products That Taste Good!)

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to have a one-on-one meeting with the friendly and super-informative Dr. Bruce Daggy, an internist who is the Chief Science Offer at Shaklee. Shaklee was interestingly enough the first company to come with with a meal replacement/nutrition shake over 50 years ago--and over the years they have updated the formula for both taste and nutritional contents!

I have been personally using the Shaklee Life Vanilla and Chocolate Energizing Shake Mixes. They give you that quick but nutritious start to your day and keep an edge off hunger. I find that they also keep me energized enough to avoid the mid-afternoon slump that I have always gotten after a day of running around the city.

Dr. Daggy (or "Dr. Bruce" as I call him) pointed out to me that these shakes are not just special because if their high vitamin content, but also because they contain an amazing 24 grams of the finest quality plant-based non-GMO protein, nine essential amino acids, one billion CFUs of probiotics to support digestive and immune health, Omega 3 for heart and brain health and luecine to help preserve lean muscle. 

"Dr. Bruce" strongly advises that  your best "one-two punch" in the morning is to combine a Shaklee Energizing Shake with the Life With Iron Strips. You get 30 strips in a box and on each strips are the two Vivix tabs for cellular health, OmegaGuard Plus for heart, hair, skin and nail health, two Shaklee Advanced Multivitamins for bone and breast health and a B + C Complex tab for immune health and energy. For more info on these easy-to-use products, go to http://www.shaklee.com.

The Volpi meats "spread" at the Spotted Pig event.

The Friars Club Pays Tribute To Their Long-Time Abbott--Yeah, That Ol' Blue-Eyed Guy--At The Pierre Hotel!

The world-famous Friars Club celebrated Frank Sinatra¹s 100th birthday with a gala at the Pierre Hotel on January 11, 2016.  Friars Club President, legendary talk show host, Larry King, was be the Master of Ceremonies.

Many of the show¹s performers worked directly with Sinatra over the course of his incredible career. Norm Crosby, Tony Danza, Robert Davi, Tom Dreesen, Shawn King, Deana Martin, Frank Pellegrino, Steve Tyrell, Dionne Warwick and other very special guests appeared and paid their own personal homage to Old Blue Eyes' legacy.

I had a great time in the press room watching all the luminaries for the evenings strut in. I was happy to be able to chat with the always interesting Dominic Chianese who sings as well as he acts--but the height of the evening for me was meeting the lovely chanteuse Deana Martin and her husband John, who are very approachable and about the most chicly dressed couple I have ever encountered (even on the red carpet).

I truly hope that a "Frank's Birthday Party" becomes an annual event--either at The Pierre or at the Friars Club itself!

Adam is the oldest member of Aussie Hunks--and has charm and intelligence for miles to go with his chiseled good looks.

Getting The "Backstory" From Tom Jones At AOL's NYC Headquarters!

The Shaklee Life Energizing Shakes are considered the current "state of the art" in the nutrition supplement biz right now!

Zeppa is my go-to shoe and another "constant" in French Sole collections--the foot beds and slight elevation in this style will have your tootsies saying "ah" all day!

An Unforgettable Visit To The Alex Soldier Studio: Puttin' On The Glam!

I recently visited legendary Russian jewelry design Alex Soldier's studio in the garment district of Manhattan. My eyes lit up upon entering the clean and chic space filled with display cases of not only his fabulous precious and semi-precious jewelry currently for sale in luxe stores like Neiman's and Bergdorf's, but real gold and gemstone awards he created for the likes of Barysnikov and the Princess Grace Foundation. To say that the details are intricate on these statuettes is an understatement and each have a special 3D effect where they look like different shapes depending how you turn them!

My favorite part of my tour was trying on this jewelry legend's glamorous and often oversized pieces. A constant motif that Soldier uses is the snail--he says he admires them because they are not rushing everywhere like the members of today's busy society (especially in NYC)! There were some huge multistone rings I tried on with not only gorgeous details on the front and sides of the ring but in the back. Soldier has magnificent hand-done scroll work behind where the stones are set! You can find almost a secret code back there that brings the motif from the front of the piece to the back. For instance, an astrological themed piece might have the different signs of the zodiac in the gold, silver or platinum scrollwork pattern! 

Solder seems to believe in overstatement a little more than understatement but one of his greatest sets is understated silver butterfly earrings with a matching bracelet. There is just one simple diamond shaped tourmaline in the center of each butterfly and this set touched my heart as I realized it would be a wonderful gift and eventual heirloom for any women from 13 to 100! I want to add that Soldier's pieces are often convertible--for instance, several pins can become pendants or break into two to become earrings. All locks are extremely secure, too!

Soldier puts more work into his jewelry than any other I have worked with, and he is willing to customize pieces to a client's liking. He also creates entirely custom pieces. For more info, go to www.alexsoldier.com. BTW, he's got a few unique diamond rings that would make wonderful wedding bands for a man or a woman and terrific cufflinks and tie bars for the sophisticated gent in your life!

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The Launch Of Egg-Q! The World's Easiest And Most Concise Fertility Test!

I was able to enjoy a mani at the chic Caravan Style Studio in the Gregory Hotel while I discussed the new EggQ test with its founder and spokesperson Silvia Mestre. It is actually her husband, Dr. Hernandez Ray--a Miami-based OB-GYN at the highly-rated Conception Florida in Miami--who developed the test.

The test is simple. You pay $249 for the test online, fill out a health questionnaire and go to one of the Conception partner centers which are nationwide for an AMH blood test. Egg-Q is really not merely an infertility test.

Egg-Q tests the quality of ht your eggs and you get a phone call or in person consultation about your results a week after giving your blood sample; a doctor advises you on the next step you need to take if you want to conceive. You will also be getting expert advice from a fertility specialist about getting your eggs frozen if that is the course you want to take after getting your result. (One cycle of egg freezing through Conception or their affiliates in $8,900.) The EGG-Q test is only available at http://www.eggq.com. The site has a great FAQ section that explains in simple terms how the test works, how long it takes and future options. You can now save 20 per cent at check out with the code EGGQ.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet: My Top Fragrance Pick For Spring/Summer 2017!

I love a good floral scent but I really prefer for my scents to smell like a REAL bouquet of flowers, not something highly concentrated and artificial. I want to feel like I'm the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, so when I sniffed Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet for the first time. I went nuts. Not only can you clearly smell roses and greens, but you get some middle notes of apricot and musk as well. A 3.4-ounce bottle retails for $100 at http://www.fragrance.com (they stock the latest and the greatest)! Hats off to "nose" Francois Demanchy on this masterpiece!

I Loved Gruppo Italiano And Consorzio Di Tutela Dei Vini Del Sannio's Wine Tasting!

If you are a lover of Old New York's glamour, The Leopard is the place for you--the art deco murals of women on the walls were created by Howard Chandler Christy, one of the many famous artists who resided in the hotel that houses the eatery at 1 West 67th. I was lucky enough to go there recently for Gruppo Italiano/Consorzio Di Tutela Dei Vini Del Sannio's wine tasting although I am all about the food. GI’s goal is to popularize authentic Italian cuisine, Italian wines and Italian products, and enhance their image in the US through education, member restaurants and promotions. Gianfranco Sorrentino of Il Gattopardo Group and founder of Gruppo Italiano and Dr. Libero Rillo from Sannio Consorzio Tutela Vini were seen mingling with the inquisitive guests and answering numerous Italian food and wine questions. When I tell you that The Leopard's ricotta cheesecake served was the lightest and freshest that I have ever had, I mean it! The restaurant has its own herd of cows in Campagna and fresh mozzarella and ricotta get flown to the restaurant twice per week. The wines served to guests at the event were: Falanghina Del Sannio Dop (Torrre a Oriente Biancuzita DOP 2014, Fontanavecchia DOP 2016, La Guardiense DOP 2016, Terre Stregate DOP 2016, Castelle Kydonia Vendemmia Tardiva DOP 2014, Cantina Del Taburno DOP 2016, Mustilli DOP 2016, Vigne sannite DOP 2016, Nifo Sarrapochiello DOP 2016 (organic), Morone Eleonora DOP 2015, Corte Normanna DOP Spumante); Solopaca Dop (Vinicola del Titerno Sannio Rosso Solopaca); Aglianico Dop (Antica masseria Venditti, Marraioli Sannio Dop Aglianico Riserva 2011 - organic); Aglianico Del Taburno Docg (Ocone vini 2011, Fattoria la rivolta Riserva 2011). For more information on The Leopard and its wonderful sister eateries Il Gattopardo and Mozzarella E Vino, please visit www.ilgattopardonyc.com.

Your Artis Addiction Is About To Happen!

I was lucky enough to attend a party at Artis' lovely offices in a garden apartment right on Washington Square North recently and saw every one of their brushes on display. My head was spinning. I did not know that there were so many available and I felt blessed to know that there were both Artis marketing execs and makeup artists on hand to help me learn how to use them. These innovative brushes work on an opposite angle than regular makeup brushes and it blew my mind to learn that Artis brow brushes are created to sweep dry brow product on in one move. Their brow brushes are literally made on a curve so you just do one "pass through" and you have a full, perfectly shaped brow!  I seriously recommend the brow brush style called "Linear 1"!

The event I went to in the Artis offices had a raffle but of course I did not win! But let me tell you that it is way worth it to start out your soon-to-be-obsession with Artis via their Elite Mirror 5 set. For $170 (right now on netaporter.com) you get everything you need to create flawless makeup application, including foundation, blush, eye shadow, brows and lip color. Each brush is made with the Artis' revolutionary CosmeFibre® filaments for the perfect finish and has a comfy grip pad at the handles.


I was so excited to peruse the many brands that will be donating 15% of products especially designed to help the Breast Cancer Research Foundation at a special press preview recently! Not surprisingly, many of these items are pink, the official color of breast cancer awareness. So glad to see that my pals at Macy's are up at bat with their wonderful pink robes from their house brand Charter Club and the great casual wear brand Ideology. Also involved in this campaign is the legendary David Yurman, Kate Spade, telefora.com, K2 Skiis, Ouidad, Conair (whose pink Fashion Curl is a very revolutionary and easy way to create curls and waves), and many major makeup and fragrance brands including Estee Laude, La Mer, Bobbi Brown Darphin, Tom Ford Beauty, Prescriptives and Tommy Bahama Fragrances. Even Alex & Ani created one of their special themed bracelets called Spiral Sun with gorgeous pink sun charms for only $38!  Speaking of jewelry, their is a Mimi Locket for you sentimental types that is old-fashioned with a modern twist! Speaking of modern, the Aimee Kestenberg bags are super fresh and innovative--with tons of room! ​For more info on these products and where to buy go to http://www.bcrfcure.com/shop-pink

The New Century 21's At Albee Square In Downtown Brooklyn: We Went To The Ribbon Cutting And Shed Some Tears!

The ribbon cutting in early October for the new Century 21 store in Albee Square was not only attended by the Gindi family who owns it but all of the stores employees (dressed elegantly in black). There were more than 100 people in attendance when the ribbon was cut by the Gindis and their executive staff. Founder Al Gindi made a rare appearance (he's now in his 90s and is proud of the fact that Century 21 grew out of modest kids clothing store in downtown Brooklyn that he had with his brother Sonny in the 50s).

Century 21 just had it's 55th anniversary and what better way to celebrate one of the New York tristate area's most successful retail stories than by opening the 21st store of Century 21?! The crowd was in tears before the actual ribbon cutting on the 4th floor--the reason was the touching speech by Brooklym Borough Hall President Eric Adams who talked about how many people are supporting themselves and their families by working at the new Century 21. The employees showed tremendous enthusiasm by doing a special "wave dance" and while the ceremony was going on inside, 300 people or more lined up to get one of the mystery gift cards for the first 250 people to shop at the new store!

I can't believe how fresh and fabulous that the blooms I ordered from urbanstems.com were. Arrangements that are available vary from day to day and all are superelegant! Many are named after fashion icons and I just went crazy when I saw the Jackie arrangement that I sent to a friend getting a hip replacement at the Hospital For Special Surgery. It was a nice, tight arrangement with a great array of buds--even large gerbera daisies, unusual color roses and a cool-looking succulent that looked like a desert bloom. This stunner only cost $45 with no delivery charges. The best thing is that you can go onto their site, pick a bouquet, select a vase for $8 more, and there are no further charges. Most florists charge at least $20 extra for same day delivery--and price gouge even further for holidays. You can also double up on any arrangement!

My friend tells me that her Jackie arrangement is still going strong four days after I gave it to her. That in itself is a miracle as usually some blooms die off faster than others. The urbanstems.com folks really know what blooms belong together in terms of life expectancy! To see more of their rich-looking arrangements and to order, go to 
https://urbanstems.com/products. Don't think I'm strange, but I think I am going to send some of these to myself just to brighten up my NY apartment! 

It's Not Just A Fridge, It's Family Hub 2.0!

Last year, I would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own two eyes! I was sent over to the Samsung store in the Meatpacking District for the launch gorgeous stainless steel double door fridge with a built in water filter, a  computer screen that signals when to buy new food via Groceries By MasterCard and pretty much works as a smartphone complete with Pandora, and great compartments that specialize in keeping certain type of foods fresh. That fridge was called Family Hub but as of June '17, there is the new generation of this fridge and its sisters--simply called the Family Hub 2.0 group! You can see both the older and newer models to the left! Family Hub 2.0 fridges are priced at just under $5K but we are sure it will last through a couple of generations! My favorite part of both generations of the family hub? That you know what is in the fridge via the the screen on the front--and via the matching app. The app's great for knowing what you need grocery wise when you're out and about!

I Fell In Love With A Salami During Fashion Week!

During NYFW, I got invited to a wonderful event at the legendary Spotted Pig in the West Village. There were two floors of the wonderful Italian charcuterie products by Volpi--this is an Italian-American crafted self-service deli meat company that has been making wonderful salami and other dry cured meats since 1902! The same family has owned it all this time and has had the same storefront operation in "The Hill" section of St. Louis since 1939! Food expert Anthony Bourdain was on hand to help sample the goods (as I hear he is a big Volpi fan!)

I could not believe my taste buds as I tried not only the Volpi Genoa salami, but their prosciutto, mortadella, guanctale and pancetta. The pigs raised for these authentic Italian recipes are only 200 miles away from the Volpi store! You can learn more about these 100 per cent natural meat products at www.volpifoods.com.

Samsung Welcomes Dacor To The Company--And They Have A Gala Dinner!

Wow, what an experience I had at the Samsung store in the Meatpacking District in mid-March. I got invited to a gala event featuring Hilaria & Alec Baldwin that helped the media get behind Samsung's recent acquisition of Dacor Appliances. As I walked in a half hour early thanks to the PR firm Talk To Current sending a car for me, workers were busy installing appliances on all three floors of the Samsung stores including Dacor's HUGE in-wall fridge that seems to be almost seven feet wide. What I wouldn't do to have an apartment big enough to have this beauty. After a wonderful panel featuring Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria, Elle Decor editors and Dacor execs which talked about current trends in kitchen decor and appliances, everyone headed upstairs for an elegant dinner cooked on Dacor's gorgeous restaurant style stoves and ovens. There was gorgeous filet mignon, salmon and Laduree macarons served in artistic arranged plates.

Dacor Appliances are now available in Samsung stores across the country and you will be pleasantly surprised at the prices compared to other luxury appliance brands. They have a great reputation, especially for customer service, and really stand behind their products. Both their luxuriously appointed refrigerators and stoves run about $3,000. Check out their 48" Renaissance Duel Fuel Range--it's the stuff dreams are made of for people who want all the bells and whistles!

Michael Travin, Dylan Lauren and Melissa Kassis showing off Ms. Lauren's chic Resident cover shot !

Macy's Cosmetics Dept. Leads The Pack As Always With YouCam (A Virtual Makeup Testing Device)! Go Try It Now!

I was lucky enough to attend the press preview of YouCam at Macy's and all I could say was that trying on new cosmetics has never been easier. Just choose a brand's icon on the makeup mirror-like screen, then type of makeup item (eyeshadow, lip color, etc.) and then VOILA--you can virtually test shades from the store's Top 5 impulse brands! I'm talking about the ever-popular Tarte, NYX, Urban Decay, Benefit and Too-Faced! Think of all the time you will save having to remove cosmetics from your fave in order to try another one. The YouCam will be your new addiction! Of course, live makeup artists will still be there to advise you and apply product in front of professionally mirrored makeup stations if you wish!

Dr. Bruce Daggy visiting NYC on a Shaklee press day this past January.

The Jackie--so many unusual buds, and only $45!

Festival co-founder Andre Menard in his Montreal office (photo courtesy of the Montreal Gazette).

My Favorite Kids Event Ever Featured Dinos And A Delicious Breakfast!

I'm always on the lookout for great kids' events and I have a rockin' time at the recent kids party to promote Dinosaurs Living In My Hair! at Dylan's Candy Bar. Not only did author Jayne M. Rose-Vallee read to the party guests (who were mainly 2-7), but they got to decorate dino cookies, have a healthy breakfast and ask Rose-Vallee anything they wanted to about her adorable tome. For more info on this funny and educational book that has won numerous awards including The Mom's Choice Gold Book Award For Children's Picture Book, go to http://www.facebook.com/dinosaurslivinginmyhair. Rose-Vallee does rollicking readings with kids all over the country, and you can book her on the site.

Celeb makeup artist James Vincent MCs the blogger event but also teaches as well as mixes and mingles during the Makeup Show itself.

Dylan Lauren Lives The Sweet Life!

Dylan Lauren recently invited celeb, society and press pals to a party at the Union Square location of her legendary Dylan's Candy Bar to celebrate her getting on the cover of The Resident magazine. She is featured on the cover of the March issue along with her rescue dog Jersey and that comes as no surprise as she is a longtime supporter of  the "Adopt Don't Shop" campaign and is also likes to promote proper pet care along with formal pet training in interviews and in her in-store campaigns. Folks who turned out for Dylan's super sweet bash (which included adorable cocktails with gummy bears on both the top and the bottom and plenty of dishes of candy to reach into) included Resident editor Hillary Latos, Bonnie Evans, Jean Shafriroff, Bo Polk and Michael Travin.

Get on line in front of the Metropolitan Pavilion early to get access to all the great brands first!

You'll Have A Swell Time On The Swale!

There is a floating piece of edible art at Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. There is literally a beautiful small orchard and garden that have been planted on an adorable old repurposed barge that features apples, herbs and flowers along with some vintage instruments used as garden accents. (You didn't think something this cool would feature the standard garden gnomes, now would you?) The Swale is sponsored by Strongbow Hard Cider and I was lucky enough to go to the kickoff party where I tested the wonderful Cherry Blossom and Honey flavors. The cider is not normally sold on the barge so you can bring the kids and just walk around and check out the vegetation and the stunning views of both Manhattan and Brooklyn. Admission is free and you will learn a thing or two about gardening without any effort! There are guides on board for any questions. The Swale will be docked at Pier until the end of June '17 and visiting hours are 12-6 PM Thursday through Sunday. It's only  a 12-minute walk from any subway that goes to Borough Hall. You'll be so glad you that went to see this "bit o' green in the city"!

Shaklee Life Strips are available with and without iron, BTW.

My New Favorite Florist: URBANSTEMS.COM! Gorgeous Bouquets, Same Day Delivery + No Delivery Charges!

Joseph Ribkoff: Your New Go-To Guy!

I was very excited when I saw Joseph Ribkoff's classic yet edgy fall collection; my three favorite pieces are pictured to the left. You can see the Jackie O inspiration and all three pieces are on http://www.josephribkoff.com for $100-$250. ( Also check out his hot summer looks while you are on the site!) Nothing beats an off white silk blouse with neckline interest, a black and vanilla jacket that works for day and night over anything and everything and a black jersey free with a 3/4 bell sleeve finished off by a side bow. You can probably go all fall with only these three pieces, one each of JR's black wool blend skirts and dress pants! Let me add that  this is also the most generously cut line I have ever seen!

A shot from Bob Dylan's most recent appearance at the Montreal Jazz Festival.

The interior of the 75-year-old Volpi store in St. Louis.

The Fall Press Preview had my head spinning with all the great colors and styles!